Additional Items

Dance Floors

From black or white LED dance floors to plain seamless gloss floors with a high shine flawless look, to mirror finish floors in silver, gold, or rose gold for the ideal center focal point of your event. printed dancefloors with your chosen design.

Dance Floor Decal

Stunning floor decor designs to match with your deco or theme, or then a be- spoke designed logo with a choice of name, initials, and date. A palette colors, deigns and finishes available from our decal library Our in-house designers will design for you with your approval.

Bespoke Bars

An ideal cocktail reception centre piece or a perfect addition where venues do not have a bar in the same suite. Adaptable set up choices or can be extended up to any chosen length, or square & circle bars for centre focal displays. Complete bespoke design & manufacture by our creative team. Bar and lounge furniture also now available to match the bar & event design.

LED Video Screen

Our new LED screen is the ideal centre point feature for any Dj or stage set up. The P3.9mm or P2.6mm pixel pitch allows its picture to cut through any light with a crisp clean and clear influence at any distance. Adaptable set up arrangement as one large screen or huge panoramic screen from 6ft to 30ft+ wide screen. Split screens and further creative designs with LED video panels can also be created.

Lighting Production

Take your event a step further with lighting production, incorporating the whole of the venue, staging, and features of the venue into account giving that added pizazz to your event. We will design the best solution whether that is hanging truss into the venue or creating a custom solution to work with your chosen venue.

Headtable Design

Your focal point and raised platform for all guests to see the special couple and be highlighted on your big day; we can design an breath-taking headtable de- signs with our expertise in event produc- tion and design whilst utilising the latest technology in lighting, LED screen tech- nology, large format printing, and event bespoke design.

Low Smoke Effects

Smoke/Mist is outputted slowly and settles low to the ground for that slow drifting effect, creating the ideal setting for first dances. Low smoke can be enhanced in any colour with LED colour washers.

Haze Machines

Our haze machines produce a light, mist-like effect that enhances the light show by creating a clear visual display of all the light patterns in mid-air. Unlike traditional smoke machines, the haze produced by our machines is not visible to the naked eye, giving all light beams a sharp edge effect.