Sound Systems

Crystal clear sound is just as important…

As any other factor and that’s why at Kamology, we continually invest in the latest advances in sound system technology. Utilizing a digitally controlled sound processor to process our music, we make sure that the sound system clarity is kept precise – delivering rich smooth bass, clean mid range with a sparkling high end. Music to your ears!

The digital system allows us to fine tune our system to each venues acoustics making sure you get the best reproduced music as precise as it can possibly get.Please feel free to talk to us regarding any concerns you may have with sound limiters and sound restrictions affecting your venue, which if used correctly, can be overcome.

Satelite speakers; becoming a new solution to even coverage of sound across the whole venue. Positioned at sound dead spots around the chosen area and those sections further or another level/floor from the main stage. Having the ability to be independently set and delayed at certain stages of an event like speeches to deliver sound clean and clear!